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Corporate Training & Coaching

At 3C Advisory we’ll help you emerge from your cocoon. We’ll help you shrug the dust off your wings.

It is imperative to keep your workforce motivated and offer them opportunities to develop their skills, grow and learn something new. Corporates can reap the rewards of providing training as it has been proven that well-trained employees help in increasing productivity and profits. Investing in training improves employee engagement and retention, creativity, customer satisfaction and an enhanced corporate image.

Training is often considered for new employees only. However one must keep in mind that ongoing training for current employees is as important as it helps them adjust to rapidly changing job requirements and the dynamic environment they function in.

3C Advisory conducts customized training programs in areas such as Soft Skills, Managing Conflict, Time Mastery, Multi-Cultural Sensitivity, Indian Tradition & Culture, Values, Image Enhancement, Team Dynamics and Leadership. These sessions are conducted by trainers who are experts in their respective fields.

3C Advisory also has certified coaches who will support and take you through your journey in achieving any specific personal or professional goals.