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InSist ( India Social Investment Strategy & Planning) – Our Social Investment Advisory

This century will truly be remembered as an era of corporate responsibility and accountability. We are seeing an increasing number of companies expressing the desire to show accountability towards all stakeholders and as a result experiencing enhanced competitiveness. Being 'good' will be seen as 'good for the business'!

It has rightly been said that there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. However, whenever you serve others you often find that you receive more than you end up feeling physically healthier, emotionally better, with an enriched sense of purpose. This leads to better performance at the workplace, more motivated people and improved results for the individual and the organization. No matter what your profession, you have the opportunity to change lives, connect with communities and profit your company too!

We help companies invest intellectual, financial, and human resources in constructive projects & initiatives that strengthen their country, its people, and their environments through our wide network of NGO’s working in varied spheres & geographies. This will improve the competitive context within which companies do business and enhance their contributions as responsible corporate citizens to economic growth, social cohesion, and a healthy environment. Social Investment, as with any other types of monetary investment, implies a certain responsibility on the part of the company to investigate the feasibility of the investment, to analyze possible risks if any, and to determine the success factors that could influence the outcome or impact of the investment.Social Investment is about people….it is about people with needs and about finding supporting business leaders who have the energy, vision & resources to help assuage those needs.

Social Investment will help demonstrate the heart of your company, enhance trust, credibility, brand awareness and recall. A complete win-win for the company & the community! And 3C Advisory is here to facilitate it and partner with Corporates who believe that doing ‘good’ is ‘good for business’ too.